£ $ € Hey… Where’s My Tip?

There is a vicious rumor that is pervasive throughout the customer service industry… foreigners are cheap tippers. It’s often true, but not for the reason American servers think. The real problem is that American bartenders and servers often give bad service to Europeans because they expect a bad gratuity. Then, when they get a 10%... Continue reading "£ $ € Hey… Where’s My Tip?"

High Volume Craft Cocktails: Oxymoron or Mad Money???

As a beverage consultant, I am frequently asked to design craft cocktail lists for high volume establishments. Every day I am approached by major corporations and smaller restaurateurs/bar owners who want to remain competitive in the mist of the global cocktail revolution. The biggest myth in the industry is that great craft cocktails take longer... Continue reading "High Volume Craft Cocktails: Oxymoron or Mad Money???"

2015: The Year of the Cannabis Cocktail?

Twenty-three states and the District of Columbia now have laws on the books legalizing marijuana in some form or another. Four of those states allow the use of marijuana for recreational purposes (Colorado, Washington, Oregon and Alaska). So it should come as no surprise then that many bartenders are legally experimenting with cannabis in cocktails.... Continue reading "2015: The Year of the Cannabis Cocktail?"