The Finances of Big Ice… Don’t Get Crushed!

Large ice cubes are so hot right now, it’s cool. If you don’t have a Kold Draft, Hoshizaki or other large-ice cube machine your cocktail program will never be taken seriously. Every decent cocktail lounge has one, yet corporate America still hasn’t figured it out. It took several decades for the TGIFs, RED ROBINs and... Continue reading "The Finances of Big Ice… Don’t Get Crushed!"

Selling Cocktails for Wages?… Garnish Them!

Ever been served a neon green "apple" martini garnished with a "cherry"? UGH! Forget the fact that the cherry is a bleached, carcinogenic, nasty tasting blob. What I want to understand is how does a "red" CHERRY compliment a green APPLE (liqueur) martini? I'll give you a hint... It doesn't. I guess they both use... Continue reading "Selling Cocktails for Wages?… Garnish Them!"